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Nøkken by Theodor Kittelsen

Myths, Fairy Tales and Legends

Why do stories appeal to modern children?
What is special about narratives like myths, fairy tales and legends?
In what way can oral stories contribute to increased knowledge about ourselves?
How do they tell stories in a Sami kindergarten?
How can trips in the Nordic nature increase the understanding of the creatures in myths and fairy tales?

Aims and contents

This course is an introduction to the main theories of myths, fairy tales and legends in the western culture. The course is designed to offer a full-time study programme for teacher students from early childhood education to lower secondary school and  future social workers Other interested students may also apply.

More about aims and contents.

The course is offered as 20 or 30 ECTS. 

Important elements in the course are:

  • The difference between myths, fairy tales and legends
  • Structural theories, psychological theories, eclectical theories
  • Myths and religion, Old Norse mythology
  • The student’s own cultural identity
  • The uses of fairy tales in education, therapy and social work
  • Heroes and monsters
  • Drama and music
  • Stop motion animation
  • Storytelling

The course contains several workshops and excursions, for instance:

  • visits to museums, schools and kindergartens
  • puppet making and performing
  • story writing
  • radio theatre
  • drama
  • stop-motion animation

Work methods:

  • Literature studies/theory
  • Lectures and supervision
  • Excursions, workshops and seminars
  • Cultural exchanges/discussions
  • Reflective journal

This course has previously been offered in collaboration with UCC in Denmark. From the fall semester 2017, the course will be offered only at HiOA. An updated course plan will be available in Mid-March.

Examples of student work

Here are two examples of student work from module 2: receiver oriented project/text/presentation.

Illustration on this page: Nøkken by Theodor Kittelsen (1857-1914)


Application deadline

15 April

Admission requirements

The course is designed for teacher education students (all levels). Students must have completed at least one year of their undergraduate degree at their home institution in order to be accepted.

Programme information


Myths, Fairy Tales and Legends Mid-August 2018 20 / 30 ECTS 1 semester, undergraduate Pilestredet, Oslo English No semester fee for students on an exchange programme.

More about the programme

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Contact us

Academic coordinator:  Torgeir Haugen

Administrative coordinator: Kjersti Winger

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