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Critical Reflection on and practice of Organizational Change

Critical reflection on and practice of organizational change is a course for change-makers who want to influence and change their places of work.

The objective of the course is to give knowledge and tools to critically analyze your own organization, and the knowhow and skill to initiate change from within. Students will learn to empower themselves and others to change on individual-, relational- and organizational levels.

Target group

Bachelor students and employees of private and public sector. Third year bachelor's students can choose this course as an elective. We are particularly looking for people who want to be change-agents and influence their organization wherever you are.

About the course

The course will give you the knowledge you need to critically assess an organization and look for areas of improvements: For individuals, relations and for the whole organization and their clients. This knowledge is just the starting point. We will then explore how you can go about initiating change in any organization. We ask you to bring cases from your own workplace and make use of these cases to explore the theory.

To cultivate the skills needed to implement changes we make use of the course itself a training ground. It is this Action Learning that will give you both knowledge and skills to affect change.

Organization/ Study methods

There will be two full days meetings to set the group, give you initial instructions and reading, and explore the tasks you will work with. Then there will be a mix of half-days and a full day to help you explore the change project you are working with. We will complete the course with a full day, drawing together all the lessons learned through the course and assessing. The course alternates between lectures and training, group presentations and written assignments.


Application deadline

September 1st.

Admission requirements

Bachelor’s degree

Programme information


Critical Reflection on and practice of Organizational Change Spring 10 ECTS One semester Pilestredet, Oslo English 24 Course fee: NOK 9000.
Semester fee: NOK 640.

Note: No course fee for international students.

Contact us

Team EVO.

International applicants:

Stuart Deakin

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