Contact information at the departments

HiOA has international coordinators who can answer specific questions relating to exchange courses.

Faculty of Health Sciences (HF)

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Coordinators at the Faculty:

Hanne Liv Østtveit-Moe

Berit Tveit

Suzanne Bancel

Elisabeth Søbø Haug

General contact:

Faculty of Education and International Studies (LUI)

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General contact:


  • Department of Early Childhood Education

Kjersti Winger  

  • Department of Primary and Secondary Teacher Education

Cathrine Døscher      

  • Department of International Studies and Interpreting

Line Klæth

  • Department of Vocational Teacher Education

Line Klæth

Faculty of Social Sciences (SAM)

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  • Department of Archivistics, Library and Information Science

Bjørg Halvorsen

  • Department of Journalism and Media Studies

Bjørg Halvorsen

  • Oslo Business School

Audun Westad

  • Department of Public Management and Leadership

Audun Westad

  • Department of Social Work, Child Welfare and Social Policy

Bachelor: Eva Ingri Groth

Master: Ann Karin Flønes

Faculty of Technology, Art and Design (TKD)

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General contact:


  • Department of Civil Engineering and Energy Technology

Brit Balgaard

  • Department of Art, Design and Drama

Elisabeth Schønsby

  • Department of Computer Science

Brit Balgaard

  • Department of Mechanical, Electronics and Chemical Engineering

Brit Balgaard

  • Department of Product Design

Vibeke Skarsjø Hansen

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