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Nanna Schneidermann

Postdoctoral Fellow


Publications and research

Scientific publications (7) Research reports (1) Dissemination (20)
Schneidermann, Nanna (2018). Distance/Relation: doing fieldwork with social media. Forum for Development Studies. Vol. 45. doi: 10.1080/08039410.2017.1284153
Schneidermann, Nanna (2017). Keepin’ it in the Family: Cultural relatedness and hip hop constellations in Kampala, Uganda. Suomen Antropologi. Vol. 42.
Schneidermann, Nanna (2016). « Qui cuisine, qui mange ? » : les artistes, courtiers culturels des campagnes électorales en Ouganda. Politique Africaine. doi: 10.3917/polaf.141.0099
Schneidermann, Nanna (2014). Culture and Politics in the Spotlight: Ugandan Politics and Music Celebrities. Sandrine, Perrot Maraka, Sabiti Lafargue, Jérôme Fouéré, Marie-Aude (Red.), Elections in a Hybrid Regime : Revisiting the 2011 Ugandan Polls. 13. Fountain Publishers.
Meinert, Lotte;Schneidermann, Nanna (2014). Making a Name: young musicians in Uganda working on the future. Højlund, Susanne Dalsgaard, Line Meinert, Lotte Frederiksen, Martin Demant (Red.), Ethnographies of Youth and Temporality: Time Objectified. //. Temple University Press.
Schneidermann, Nanna;Meinert, Lotte (2014). En cd: Håbet om berømmelse som materialitet i Uganda.. Bubandt, Nils Dalsgaard, Line Høj, Ulrik Selmer, Bodil (Red.), Hverdagens mysterier: Etnografiske refleksioner over ting vi kender, men ikke helt forstår. 2. s. 45-62. Aarhus Universitetsforlag.
Schneidermann, Nanna (2014). Mic Power: ‘Public’ connections through the hip hop nation in Kampala. Ethnography. Vol. 15. doi: 10.1177/1466138113502515
Schneidermann, Nanna (2014). Connectionwork – Making a Name in Uganda’s Music Industry. 277 s. Aarhus University.
Schneidermann, Nanna (2017). Coming of Age in Cape Town – motherhood and striving for innocence in difficult transitions. American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting. American Anthropological Association.
Schneidermann, Nanna;Therkelsen, Katrine Duus (2017). Urban Orders. Urban Orders Workshop.
Schneidermann, Nanna;Andersen, Casper (2017). Urban technologies and technologies of urbanity in Africa. 7th European Conference for African Studies (ECAS).
Schneidermann, Nanna (2017). Technologies of Motherhood – defining maternal and infant health in Cape Town. 7th European Conference for African Studies (ECAS).
Schneidermann, Nanna;Orock, Rogers (2017). Permeable Boundaries. Anthropology Seminar Series 2017. Anthropology - University of Cape Town.
Schneidermann, Nanna (2017). Mobile Phones: Empowering or Confusing?. Midwifery and Birth Conference. Midwifery and Birth Conference.
Schneidermann, Nanna (2017). Who Cooks and Who Eats? Artists as Cultural Brokers in Ugandan Elections. Wits Anthropology Seminar. Wits Anthropology.
Schneidermann, Nanna (2017). Motherhood and mobile phones: new media, health and practices of knowing among families in Cape Town. MNCH Tech - a Workshop on Technology for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health. Stellenbosch Center for Advanced Studies.
Schneidermann, Nanna (2017). SOCIAL SMITTE En forskningsudstilling om epidemier. SOCIAL SMITTE En forskningsudstilling om epidemier.
Schneidermann, Nanna;Storm-Mathisen, Ardis (2017). Self(ie)-fashioning and futurity – gendering new media use in two African cities. African Studies Association 60th Annual Meeting. African Studies Association.
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Schneidermann, Nanna;Abraham, Ibrahim (2017). Guest Editors' Introduction: Hip Hop Constellations. Suomen Antropologi. Vol. 42.
Schneidermann, Nanna (2016). Healthy connections? Approaching media ethnography through diabetes in a colored township in Cape Town. 1st International Communication Association Africa (ICAfrica 2016) Regional Conference.
Schneidermann, Nanna (2016). Uganda: Singen für den Wahlsieg. Welt-Sichten. Vol. 2.

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Visiting address: Pilestredet 42, Oslo, Q7055


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