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Sørbøe, Celina (2018). Urban Development in Rio de Janeiro During the 'Pink Tide': Bridging socio-spatial divides between the formal and informal city?. Ystanes, Margit Strønen, Iselin Åsedotter (Red.), The Social Life of Economic Inequalities in Contemporary Latin America: Decades of Change. Kapittel 5. s. 107-127. Palgrave Macmillan.
Braathen, Einar;Mascarenhas, Gilmar;Sørbøe, Celina Myrann (2015). Rio’s Ruinous Mega-events.. Bond, Patrick (Red.), BRICS – An Anti-Capitalist Critique.. 12. s. 186-199.
Braathen, Einar;Mascarenhas, Gilmar;Sørbøe, Celina Myrann (2015). A 'City of Exception'? Rio de Janeiro and the Disputed Social Legacy of the 2014 and 2016 Sports Mega-events.. Viehoff, Valerie Poynter, Gavin (Red.), Mega-Event Cities: Urban Legacies of Global Sports Events. 18. s. 261-270. Ashgate.
Sørbøe, Celina Myrann;Braathen, Einar;Bartholl, Timo;Christovão, Ana Carolina;Pinheiro, Valéria (2013). Rio de Janeiro: Favela policies and recent social mobilizations. 64 s. Norsk institutt for by- og regionforskning.
  • Einar Braathen
  • Gilmar Mascharenhas
  • Celina Sørbøe
  • Rio's ruinous mega-events. (2015) BRICS – An Anti-Capitalist Critique

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