HiOA has a new name: OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University. Find out what this means for you.


Norway Has a New University: OsloMet

On the 12th of January, the King-in-Council formally granted Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) university status. The new university will be known as OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University .

Curt Rice

“HiOA’s achieving university status is the result of a great deal of hard work,” Minister of Education and Research Torbjørn Røe Isaksen said earlier today. “I look forward to seeing OsloMet produce qualified graduates and original research in the years ahead.”

“I am delighted and proud of the fact that we have officially become a university,” President Curt Rice said on receiving the news. “This is a powerful acknowledgment of the important work in which our students, staff and faculty are engaged here at OsloMet. It is also a result of the advances we have made in our research endeavors and education profile in recent years.”

OsloMet is Norway’s third-largest university, while Oslo becomes the first city in Norway home to two universities. The new university is also among the largest institutions in Norway whose graduates serve as practitioners in different sectors of the Norwegian welfare state.

Solutions to the challenges facing the welfare state

“One of OsloMet’s greatest strengths is our educational portfolio,” President Rice went on to say. “With our institution home to degree programs in teacher education, nursing, engineering—to name just a few—we are uniquely positioned to develop cutting-edge solutions to the challenges facing the welfare state.”

“The welfare professions and the labor market more broadly are in a state of flux. The changes they are undergoing have created a need to re-evaluate old approaches. Research and knowledge production have a vital role to play,” Rice declared. “University status will enable us to further strengthen the links between research and teaching, more easily recruit students, faculty and staff from abroad, and engage in collaboration with international partners.”

What does university status mean for OsloMet?

“Students will find that having a degree from a university makes them even more attractive on the job market. The enhanced role of research in our teaching, moreover, will equip our graduates with the skills they need to negotiate changes in their fields down the line,” President Rice continued.

“University status confers a kind of prestige,” Rice went on. “This is particularly true now that the requirements in Norway for acquiring university status have been tightened. University status functions both as an endorsement of academic quality and as a tool for further elevating the level of our teaching and research. Being a university will enable us to better serve our students, faculty and staff, the Norwegian labor market and society at large.”

“University status also makes it easier for us to make necessary adjustments to our educational portfolio,” Rice noted. “This will enable us to more effectively meet the challenges that we know can arise at any time, both in the labor market and in society more broadly.”

Key Milestones in the University Accreditation Process

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) received word on December 12, 2017 that NOKUT’s board approved its application for university status, thereby fulfilling the requirements in the areas of education and research. In lending its formal approval to HiOA’s application, NOKUT endorsed the recommendation of its own export committee (link in Norwegian).

HiOA’s board lent its official endorsement to the name OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet Storbyuniversitetet , in Norwegian) on December 15th.

The King-in-Council formally granted HiOA university accreditation on January 12th, 2018. It also approved the name OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet Storbyuniversitetet , in Norwegian).

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