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Seeberg, Marie Louise;Hydle, Ida;Foss, Espen Marius;Hassan, Sahra Cecilie;Uhrig, Bettina (2012). On conflicts in intercultural settings. 52 s. ALTERNATIVE: Developing alternative understandings of security and justice through restorative justice approaches in intercultural settings within democratic societies. 7th Framework programme..
Uhrig, Bettina (2015). Horizon 2020 and other 'EU Sources' - Information, Experiences, Advice and Questions. PÅ TVERS KONFERSEN 2015. HIOA Department of Research and Development.
Uhrig, Bettina (2015). DISCIT - Deliverables, Final Reports and Actions for enhancing impact. DISCIT - Sixth Meeting of the General Assembly. HIOA NOVA.
Uhrig, Bettina (2015). DISCIT - DoW, audits and actions for enhancing impact. DISCIT Fifth meeting of the General Assembly. HIOA NOVA.
Uhrig, Bettina (2015). NEGOTIATE - Data Management Plan. NEGOTIATE Second General Assembly. Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences.
Uhrig, Bettina;Hyggen, Christer (2015). NEGOTIATE. Kick-Off. EC, REA.
Uhrig, Bettina;Hyggen, Christer (2015). First General Assembly NEGOTIATE. NEGOTIATE Kick-Off, First General Assembly. HIOA NOVA.
Uhrig, Bettina (2015). H2020 - grant language, opportunities and experiences. NCURA - 57th Annual Meeting. NCURA.
Uhrig, Bettina (2015). Norwegian coordinators of EU projects share their reflections on impact. The impact of SSH in Horizon 2020. RCN.
Uhrig, Bettina (2015). Sustainable Lifestyles and Food. Rethinking the role of SSH. University of Bologna.
Uhrig, Bettina (2014). DISCIT Description of Work and possible actions for enhancing impact. DISCIT Midterm Workshop. Charles University Prague.
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Uhrig, Bettina;Giannoumis, G. Anthony;Hvinden, Bjørn (2014). DISCIT - Second General Policy Brief.

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