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Pustułka, Paula;Krzaklewska, Ewa;Huang, Lihong (2018). Childbearing behaviours of Polish migrants in Norway. Slany, Krystyna Ślusarczyk, Magdalena Pustulka, Paula Guribye, Eugene (Red.), Transnational Polish Families in Norway: Social Capital, Integration, Institutions and Care. Part II Between work, home, and society. s. 123-153. Peter Lang Publishing Group.
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Huang, Lihong;Kochowicz, Monika;Krzaklewska, Ewa;Pustułka, Paula (2015). Transfam Web-survey on Polish families living in Polish-Norwegian transnationality: Documentation of design, variables and measurements. 45 s. NOVA - HiOA og Jagiellonian University in Krakow.
Backe-Hansen, Elisabeth;Walhovd, Kristine B;Huang, Lihong (2014). Kjønnsforskjeller i skoleprestasjoner: En kunnskapsoppsummering. ISBN: 978-82-7894-504-9. 154 s. Norsk institutt for forskning om oppvekst, velferd og aldring.
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Huang, Lihong;Ødegård, Guro;Hegna, Kristinn (2017). Association between Online Political Discussion and Academic Achievement of Norwegian Adolescents. The European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) Conference 2017. University of Tampere, Finland.
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Huang, Lihong;Kochowicz, Monika (2015). Unge polske voksne i Norge: om arbeid og familie. Network seminar about polish migration to Norway. Rokkansenteret.
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Mossige, Svein;Huang, Lihong (2015). Prevalence of self-reporting physical and sexual violence among young Norwegians – is there a change over time?. European Conference on Domestic Violence. Queen’s University.
Huang, Lihong;Mossige, Svein (2015). Violence and self-harm – an investigation of a complex relationship. European Conference on Domestic Violence. Queen’s University.
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Huang, Lihong (2014). EU-CoE Youth Partnership: Background Information on Youth Policy - Norway.
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Huang, Lihong (2013). Keynote: Youth Participation in Europe. EU Youth Strategy Seminar - LinkMeIn - Youth Policy & Practice. Hungarian National Institute for Family and Social Policy.
Huang, Lihong (2013). The effect of school experiences on transition to adulthood: A longitudinal analysis of a Norwegian youth generation. 12th Nordic Youth Research Symposium.
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Huang, Lihong (2012). Panel Keynote: Democracy and Participation. 9th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth. Directorate of Democratic Citizenship and Particpation, CoE.
Huang, Lihong (2011). Keynote: The conceptualisation of quality in Education. Quality Assurance of Lifelong Learning. European Youth Forum.
Huang, Lihong (2011). Keynote: The Social Situation of Young People in Europe: Challenges in Accessing Rights. Policies and Instruments Benefiting Children and Young People. Council of Europe.

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